3 minutes

Avis Preferred - the quickest and easiest way to rent - we promise to get you the keys in less than 3 minutes!

Smart vehicle renters have long known: our free Avis Preferred service is the quickest and easiest way to pick up your rental vehicle. And now it's become even quicker - with the Avis Preferred 3-minute promise.

Our undertaking: to give you your car key in no more than 3 minutes. If we don't succeed, you will receive a voucher for 30 €.

The Avis Preferred 3-minute promise is now being offered in Zurich airport, as well as at most major airports in Germany, France, Portugal, Spain and UK. The 3 minute promise is currently available at nearly 500 locations across Europe.

How the Avis Preferred 3 minute promise works

  1. If you are an Avis Preferred member, take your personal ticket from the ticket machine if any.
  2. Hand over this ticket - showing the exact time of issue - to our staff at the Avis Preferred desk together with your driving license.
  3. You will receive your keys in 3 minutes at most - or we will give you a 30 € voucher!
If, as an Avis Preferred member, you would prefer to sign a rental contract for every vehicle rental, you may of course continue to do so. In this case, however, we are unable to guarantee that this will be processed within 3 minutes - and you have no entitlement to recompense if the time limit is exceeded.

Further benefits of Avis Preferred are:
  • dedicated Avis Preferred priority desk (next to the parking spaces at certain locations)
  • priority customer service
  • documents prepared in advance
  • no need to re-enter your personal data when making a booking or picking up the rental car
  • no signature needed - simply display your driving license
  • your rental vehicle is waiting on the nearest parking space
  • free membership

Terms of the 3 Minute Promise

  • Must be an Avis Preferred member, with an advanced reservation (4 hours).
  • Must have an up-to-date Avis Preferred profile.
  • Avis voucher to the value advertised.
  • Available at participating locations only.
  • Exclusions: Reservations made on behalf of the customer by a third party agent, any changes to the reservation requiring a re-issue of the rental agreement.

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