One way car hire

Collect your rental from one Avis location and return to another

Planning the road trip of a lifetime? On a business trip that arrives at one airport but departs from another? Or perhaps you just want to collect from the airport and return nearer to your hotel? Whatever your reason, an Avis one way rental would be the perfect choice for your car hire needs. How do I book a one way rental?

To book a one way rental, simply:
  • Enter your rental date / time / pick-up location
  • Enter your return location and get a quote
The price quoted will automatically include your vehicle rental cost and any additional one way rental charges (if applicable).

How much does a one way rental cost?

One way car hire is available for most Avis destinations, although an additional fee may be payable depending upon your chosen pick-up and drop-off locations. Fees will vary by country.

Are one way rentals available between all Avis branches?

One way car hire is most common between branches within the same country. Within mainland Europe, one way rentals are available between certain countries. Upon entering your details, the online booking engine will process the information, if a one way rental is within one country. You are able to create One Way reservation online or via our call centre. To help you get some one location to another, don't forget you can add a GPS to your car rental.

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