Offer for legal entities

Conditions for legal entities:

For preparation of the contract you will need the following documents:

  • copy of constituent documents of your enterprise
  • certified by seal of the company
  • renter`s passport and driver license

Your application for leasing will be considered quickly

For legal entities we offer unique conditions:
  • 24 hour service
  • Full insurance package
  • Replacement car in case of damage or accident
  • Seasonal change and storage of tires

Advantages of Operational Leasing for legal entities include:
  • Allows to completely allocate leasing payments on cost of goods, works and services hence reducing the taxable base under the profit tax
  • The calculations of the leasing contract assumes even monthly payments which facilitate management of finance flows and budget of your enterprise
  • An opportunity to reckon the VAT paid in leasing payments;
  • Relief from property taxes as the automobile is on balance of the leasing company
  • You have an opportunity to buy this automobile upon the termination of the leasing contract;

Monthly payments include:
  • CASCO insurance and OSAGO insurance
  • Registration of the car
  • Taxes
  • The car is equipped with monitoring system
  • 24 hour service (customer support by phone), assistance in dealing with insurance issues
  • Maintenance
  • Seasonal changes and storage of the wheels
  • Replacement car in case of an accident or longterm repair
  • Personal manager for the client

Our Operational Leasing program effectively allow you to completely shift all cares connected with your car to our team of professionals during the period of the leasing contract. Don't walk! Drive AVIS! An ideal and convenient solution!

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