Rental terms and conditions in Russia

If you plan to rent a car in Avis in Russia we recommend you to reserve it beforehand.

In order to make a car reservation please use our web-site, or contact one of our rental stations by telephone or e-mail.

Documents required:

  • Passport or National ID
  • Driving Licence (at least one year driving experience is required)
  • Credit Card (Visa, American Express, Master Card).

Minimum Rental:
  • 24 hours for self-drive
  • 3 hours for chauffeur-drive

Methods of payment:
  • Major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card)
  • Avis vouchers and cheques
  • Cash or Bank transfer

All Prices are in Rubles. Prices include VAT, Basic Insurance, Unlimited mileage


When opening Rental agreement a certain amount of money will be frozen on your credit card by taking an authorization code.

If you return a car with a full tank and without any damages this sum will be returned to your account immediately.

  • 9000 rubles for groups A,B,N,C,D (Hyundai Solaris, VW Jetta, Ford Focus)
  • 20000 rubles for group E, K (VW Passat, Hyundai I40, Audi A3 Sedan)
  • 36000 rubles for group F, H, I (VW Tiguan, Nissan X-Trail, VW Caravelle, Mercedes CLA)
  • 40000 euro for group G, J (Mercedes E-class, BMW 5, VW Touareg)

Minimum age.
The renter should be at least 21 years old to rent a car group A-D and 23 years old to rent a car group E-H, 25 years to rent car group G

Avis 24 hours emergency service.
During your rental you can contact AVIS office 24 hr / day in case of emergency by phone +7 925 046 99 49 in Moscow & +7 921 424 37 24 in Saint-Petersburg.

Additional driver. The vehicle may be driven by persons other than the renter, with the consent of the renter and on the conditions specified in the rental agreement. A fee of 1125 rubles is charged for the entry of every additional driver into the contract.

Additional equipment.

GPS. Avis offers satellite navigation system which includes maps of Moscow, St.Petersburg regional cities and foreign countries. GPS can be rented for any car and it costs 225 rubles per day.

Baby/Child seat. Avis offers seats for babies and children for 1125 rubles per rental.

Airport surcharge. The charge is 10% of the rental fee for check out's or check in's from the airport, subject to a maximum charge of 1,300 rubles.

Refuelling. You can pay refuelling of the car upon vehicle pick-up. Gasoline cost - 45 roubles for 1 litre.

Delivery and collection Requests for Delivery and collection shall be done 24 hours beforehand and confirmed by Avis. Delivery within Moscow city limites from 10.00 till 20.00 is 2250 rubles. Delivery within the city limits of Saint Petersburg and other cities from 10.00 till 20.00 is 1125 rubles. Outside our working hours delivery or collection is an additional 1125 rubles.

Fee for return at different rental station a fee of 1,300 rubles may be charged for return of rented car at a different station within the same city.

Fuel charge.We issue cars with a full tank of fuel. If a car is returned without a full tank of gasoline the renter is charged for fuel -45 rubles for 1 litre. If desired the renter can purchase this fuel prior to rental at a cost of 35 rubles per litre.

Winter tyres. In winter period all our cars come with winter tyres. The renter should pay 450 rubles per whole rental perod.

Cross-border rentals are permitted if a renter receives an approvement from Avis beforehand. In this case he has to buy an additional "foreign insurance".

Chauffeur drive
Let AVIS and a professional chauffeur drive for you.
This will enable you to enjoy your time in Russia without having any worries about the traffic and where to go!

Avis supports various international discount and benefit systems.

We already included third party liability insurance into the cost of car.
CDW is an optional coverage that reduces a customer's financial liability in case of damage. It means that in case of damage a customer is liable just for certain deductible ( rate)
TP is an optional coverage that reduces a customer's financial liability in case of theft of an Avis vehicle. TP is valid only if a customer has the original car keys and documents with him ( rate)
Super CDW - the customer is not liable for any damage to the car
Foreign insurance - is cumpolsary for a renter driving outside Russia. It includes Green Card and cost 675 rubles per day.
Wind-Screen - insurance for wind-screen (360 rubles per rental).

Special conditions
If renting Mercedes Е or VW Caravelle or VW Touareg without a driver Avis will freeze a deposit of 40000 rubles from your credit card.

Additional Protection Options
Car groupL, A, N, B, C, P, D K, I, E, OF, G, H, J, M
SCDW1-13 days: 225 rubles per day
14 days and more: 110 rubles per day
1-13 days: 450 rubles per day
14 days and more: 225 rubles per day
1-13 days: 450 rubles per day
14 days and more: 225 rubles per day
Insurance package 1-13 days: 450 rubles per day
14 days and more: 225 rubles per day
1-13 days: 900 rubles per day
14 days and more: 450 rubles per day
1-13 days: 900 rubles per day
14 days and more: 450 rubles per day

Group G (Mersedes E-class, BMW 5, Audi A6)

Customer who is going to rent a car of G group (MB, BMW) must have two debit cards, which should be on his name embossed. Visa electron and Maestro are not allowed! No cardholder’s request excepted, 20 000 rubles will blocked on each card. The 100% prepayment for the rent must be taken from the credit card as well, no payments in cash is available.
A customers receives a special form to fill where he should fill his company name, destination point, his companions, all his and companion’s contacts etc.
Each prolongation is possible only with the customer’s presence with the signatures of the customer and 100% prepayment for the new period, customer’s responsibility of not returning the car in time is 19500 rub. The minimum age of the renter has become 25 years.

Renting a car is very easy, just indicate the date of rent commencing (check out date), approximate duration of rent and desired group of car and you contact details. On the basis of that information our rental sales agent (RSA) will calculate and inform you about the cost of rent and reserve a car for you. If confirmation of reservation is not possible right away, our RSA will contact you and confirm you reservation later.

Please pay attention that when making a reservation Avis guarantees only a car group but not the specific make/model. However if you are placing your reservation beforehand you can inform our RSA of the desired model and there is a high probability that your wish would be met.

Please note that this website is provided for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is deemed a public offer as defined by the provisions of Art. 437 Civil Code.

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