Operational Leasing

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Avis has a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles in 70 cities spanning the Russian Federation closely supported by a network of stations in 17 cities

Operational leasing from 2 to 4 years

Advantages of our leasing program:
    AVIS Leasing program will help you to renovate your car fleet
    1 Quick decision-making (2 days)
    2 Minimum of documents required
    3 Car on the lessor's accounting balance
    4 Transparency of cost calculation for the entire period of the contract
    5 Simplify the tax records of the company (in terms of property tax, vehicle tax)
    6 Reduce administrative costs of the company
    7 Option to buy a car in the end of contract

    Monthly payments include:
    Economy package:
      • All insurances (KASKO and OSAGO) for all period. In case of car accident we are in charge of all issues with insurance company and car dealers.
      • Several drivers can be included in the contract.
      • We change glass elements without police references
      • We pay all taxes (transport, property, VAT)
      • Car registration
      • 24 Hour emergency number
    Prestige package (additional to the minimum package):
      • Technical maintenance
      • Replacement car in case of accident or breakdown
      • Seasonal tire change and storage
      Contacts of leasing department:
      Moscow: +7 495 981 62 17
      Saint-Petersburg: +7 812 274 4102

      Needed documents for a car leasing Agreement:

      For more information:
      Legal entities
      Private persons

      Leasing department contacts:

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