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You can see the world in the photo. Learn - only traveling by car!

 Great pioneers of the past used to spend weeks and months to overcome the distances that can now be covered in a matter of hours. And not because transport was faster than the horse then was not. It's just that these people knew a lot about traveling, and they did not hurry.

To discover new countries, you need to be "closer to the earth." Today, this closeness is determined by the height of the ride height of the rental car.

A rented car is at your service on all continents, all over the world.

Why rented, not personal? This is a question of expediency and common sense. Even if in your fleet there are cars of all classes and destinations, you can not carry it with you around the countries and continents. And why, when rolling machines can be changed, like gloves - depending on where, when and with whom you are going to go.

Now Avis rental stations are located in four parts of the world on five continents, practically in every European capital, as well as in the most attractive cities for tourists in North America, Africa and South-East Asia.

Traveling by car is not only freedom to choose direction and speed. This is the quality of your relationship with life, an indicator of the degree of your flexibility, your ability to adapt and readiness for any surprises.

This is on the one hand. And on the other - communication with the world "without intermediaries", on an equal footing. You will see and learn everything you want. And you will feel what you can not see.

Not the smell of hotel halls and the taste of the dishes on duty differ from each other countries and continents. The main differences are in the smell of road dust and the taste of rain, in the voices of small rural bazaars, where tourist buses never turn off; in the smiles of local residents, which you will not encounter in boutiques and fashionable clubs.

Rented car will allow you to fully experience all the joys of this journey. After all, the country's roads are the beating of her pulse.
Only for one you need a sedan of a representative class, for others - a hatchback, for the third - a powerful off-road car. And all this is waiting for you at the parking lot rental Avis.