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Car rental in Europe

Avis in Europe: thousands of locations, hundreds of routes.

Europe is diverse. It will surprise and fascinate you every time you decide to get behind the wheel to go on a journey on a new route. And even visiting the places you had already been to you will rediscover the city, the country, and the road every time. Just determine the most convenient point of departure in the region of your interest in this part of the world. Everything else will be done by a rented car. Sedan, SUV, coupe or cabriolet- according to your choice and depending where you are going.

Where to start your car trip across Europe.

The choice of options is quite wide. You can rent a car not only in the capitals of most European countries, but also in big cities of greatest tourist interest.
For example, in Italy, in addition to Rome, Avis rental stations are located in almost all cities, including Venice, Bologna, Verona, Genoa, Naples, Milan, Turin, Florence, etc.