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Driving a car in the green capital of Europe

A long history left monuments of the epochs witnessed by Hamburg. You should see all of them when you are traveling by car in Germany, in order to understand the country better. Fires and wars, especially World War II, caused great damage to the historical places. Local residents, however, managed to restore everything which was destroyed and add new highlights to city attractions.

Founded in 808, the city-port of Hamburg occupies a rightful place in the top ten cities in Germany and Europe for various reasons:
  • Hamburg is one of the three city-states of Germany;
  • the largest sea port and the fourth largest river port of the country;
  • the first place among European cities by the number of citizens if you do not take into account some of the capital cities; the second place in Germany (after Berlin); and the seventh in the EU, if you count the capital cities;
  • located on the Elbe River, is a unique river and sea port at the same time;
  • the first place in Europe by the number of bridges (more than 2000);
  • Hamburg is the cultural capital of Germany, it has the third place (after London and New York) by the number of theatre performances (the city has more than 40 theaters and concert halls).