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Why to go to Spain? For photos on the background of numerous architectural monuments? For unusual souvenirs and exclusive jewelry? For jamon and sweet wine? Yes, for all these things as well.
But first of all people come here for energy produced by the land of Castile. They travel to feel the invisible force that once allowed the Spaniards to conquer half the world and throughout the centuries completely dominate the Atlantic.
Would you like to grasp this feeling? Then go on a trip round Spain by car.
Spain is a densely populated country with people who never stay in the same place. Therefore, there are a lot of airports here. The largest of them are in Alicante, Barcelona, Valencia, Girona, Madrid, Andalucia, and Mallorca.
There are rental stations in each of them, however, you can rent a car almost in all the cities in Spain. Everything depends on the route you choose. But, in any case, renting a car and collecting it in the most convenient place for you will not be a problem.