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Car hire in Yekaterinburg

Car rental in Yekaterinburg

About the service

  Today it's hard to imagine moving in a big city without a car. Having a car at your disposal, you can do much more things than without it. If you do not have a car for any reason, you can rent it in Yekaterinburg at AVIS.

Which cars can be rented in Ekaterinburg (Autopark)

We offer rental cars of prestigious brands in perfect technical condition. We can take a car for a wedding, to meet business partners, for any other purposes. The fleet in Yekaterinburg will please you with cars of a representative class, as well as worthy options for economy, compact and business class. Depending on the amount that you plan to spend on car rental, you can order one of these groups. &Nbsp; In our company you can also rent satellite navigation systems and child car seats.

Requirements for the lessee of the vehicle

  • When you rent the design should have a driver's license, passport and credit card.
  • The driver's experience, you must have at least one year.
  • There are restrictions on age. Car rent without drivers is provided to persons over 21 years of age (auto groups A-I) and persons from 23 years – for machines of groups J-L.  

The car is always with you

  • If, suddenly, as a result of an emergency or for some other reason, the vehicle fails, we provide a car of the same class in return.
  • Our customers have 24-hour customer service.
  • Car rental in Yekaterinburg includes all necessary taxes and insurance.  

Freedom to travel abroad

  • A car rented in our company can be used for traveling not only around the city, but also for trips around Russia and going abroad. In the latter case, you need to purchase an international policy. When renting a car rental, these questions are agreed in advance. &Nbsp;
  • Renting a car in Yekaterinburg, designed in our company, allows you to use the car without mileage limitation.

Profitable investment

The prices for the services provided will please you with your intelligence and accessibility. Comparing the high level of service, the quick registration of the lease, the receipt of the car immediately after payment and signing of the papers directly from the airport of Yekaterinburg, as well as the democratic cost of services, many customers remain satisfied with the proposed conditions and become our regular customers. &Nbsp;