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Car hire in Irkutsk

Car rental in Irkutsk

About the service of car rental

  If you do not have the right car – no problem! The company & Avis » offers car rental on attractive terms. The network of our rental stations is constantly expanding around the world and in Russia, and among them we are pleased to present car rental in Irkutsk.

Requirements for the lessee of the vehicle

Our services can be used by anyone who is over the age of 21 who has a driving license and a driving experience of more than one year. To hire a car, you will also need a passport and a credit card.   Please note that the requirements depend on the type or group of the rental car.

Cars for rent

From booking on our website - we will offer you a list of cars available for rent in the required period of time Our fleet customers will appreciate the cars of famous brands, with high running performance, respectable appearance and are in perfect condition.. We can rent a car by selecting it from different groups – economy, compact, business and executive class. Depending on how much you expect to spend on car rental, we will offer you the appropriate models. You can save on rental rentals by varying rental times – than for a longer period you book a car, the cheaper it will cost one day of rental.

Avis Car Rental Stations in Irkutsk

You can rent a car in Irkutsk directly at the airport, which is very convenient for guests arriving in the city. You can order a car in advance by calling the phone number indicated on the website or by sending a request by e-mail. Insurance and VAT are already included in the rent. At the rental station you will receive a car with a fully refueled tank, which will immediately go on scheduled business. &Nbsp;

The car is always with you - support

All our customers we provide round the clock telephone support. In the event of a car breakdown, the company provides an equivalent replacement. &Nbsp;

When renting a car in the Avis office in Irkutsk, you can easily answer the following questions *:

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  • How to get from Irkutsk to Bratsk ( 7 hours 58 minutes (623.7 km) Route: a/d Baikal/M53 and P419)
  • How to get from Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude (6 hours 51 minutes (457.9 km) Route: a/d Baikal/M55)?
  • How to get from Irkutsk to Usolye-Sibirskoe (1 h. 21 min. (88.4 km) Route: a/d Baikal/M53)?
  • Or to master popular tourist routes:
  • How to get from Irkutsk to the village. Listvyanka (The nearest place to see Lake Baikal) (1 h. 3 min. (69.1 km) through the Baikal tract. Without traffic jams: 55 min.)
  • How to get from Irkutsk to Olkhon Island and the environs (4 hrs) 42 minutes (298 km) through the Kachugsky highway/Pulyaevsky street/P418 Without traffic jams: 4 hours 29 minutes The itinerary provides for a ferry crossing.)