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Kaluga – a large city located in the center of Russia, 160 km from Moscow and 100 km from Tula. Its successful location ensures constant growth of mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields of activity between Kaluga companies and organizations from other cities, including the capital. Many of the businessmen coming here hire a car, which allows them to have time to bypass all the objects they want to visit. The car is rented in Kaluga – this is not a luxury, but an urgent necessity. The city is spread on both sides of the full-flowing river Oka, it occupies a large enough area, and it is best to travel quickly by car. This regional center has a rich history, it has experienced many joyful and tragic periods. He was repeatedly captured by the interventionists – Crimean Tatars, Poles, Zaporozhye Cossacks. The city survived fires and epidemics, was a large rear base for the armed militia during the Patriotic War. Today – it is a cozy and beautiful administrative center, along which it is pleasant to wander, admire its streets, squares, churches, squares and bridges. Taking a car for rent in Kaluga, you can freely move around it and its surroundings, regardless of public transport and, of course, with great comfort. The city is also famous for the fact that it is in it for a long time the time lived the great scientist KE Tsiolkovsky. Therefore, being in Kaluga, one can not ignore the museum of the history of cosmonautics located here, by the way, considered to be the first in the world in this sphere and the largest in Russia. His historical exhibits suggest thoughts about the great genius and unlimited possibilities of man. Staying in the city will be even more pleasant for you if you have a car at your disposal. Renting cars of popular brands offered in our company will allow you to choose a model from many worthy options. We offer car rental at competitive rates and a wide range of prices. We can take both an excellent budget model and a prestigious car of a representative class. Car rental in Kaluga is in great demand. This is explained by the increase in people's welfare, the increase in the number of visitors coming here, the increase in living standards and requirements for working and rest conditions. Renting cars can meet the pressing needs of active members of society, leading a mobile lifestyle. And we are glad to be useful in providing services in this field. Renting a car in our company will give an opportunity to everyone who wants to get a modern car for use on favorable terms.

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