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Car rental in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk – A beautiful city with an interesting history and a positive benevolent atmosphere. It is the center of the Khabarovsk Territory, attracting tourists with unique landscapes. In the city itself you can visit four interesting museums, see performances in four theaters, stroll along the picturesque promenade. The historical center will please the architectural buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries and cozy streets. Favorable locals willingly will prompt you how to pass or drive to the place you need. It is most convenient to travel around the city by car. Car rental in Khabarovsk can be ordered from our company. Guests can rent a car directly at the airport in the arrival hall. Also, the car can be booked in advance via the Internet. With us you can rent a car with a driver and without it, as it will be convenient for you. Having your own transport available, you will be able to quickly complete all your business and leave time for a cultural and entertainment program. Be sure to visit the observation platform, located on the beautiful Amurskaya embankment. Delicious views that open from the point of view, breathtaking and remain in the memory for a long time. Visit the ancient Innokentyevskaya Orthodox Church (1868), admire other numerous temples and monuments. Taking a car for rent in Khabarovsk, you can poboslis not only in the city itself, but also in its amazing surroundings. The nature of the region is unique and fascinates by the amazing neighborhood of the vine, taiga spruce and mighty cedars. Here grow lemongrass and ginseng, in the forests there are endangered species of animals: deer, brown and Himalayan bears, Amur tigers and snow sheep. Taking our car hire in Khabarovsk, you can travel on it everywhere, where you want, and return it to any other place where there are rolling stations of our company. The car you rented meets all standards and safety requirements, and will not give you any trouble on the road. Car rental – demanded service, and an increasing number of people use it. Car rental – it is convenient and practical, and in the modern world its functionality is appreciated. The prices for the service in our company are democratic and pleasantly pleasing to the customers.

When renting a car in the Avis office in Khabarovsk, you can easily answer the following questions *:

  •   How to get from Khabarovsk to Komsomolsk-on-Amur (5 hours 9 minutes (411.3 km) Route: P454)?
  • How to get from Khabarovsk to Birobidzhan (2 hours 28 minutes (187 km) via the Amur/M58 bus. Without traffic jams: 2 hours 10 minutes)?
  • How to get from Khabarovsk to Blagoveshchensk (8 hours 6 min. (693.4 km) Route: а/д Амур/М58)?
  • How to get from Khabarovsk to the construction site of the cosmodrome &Eastern? (8 hrs 18 mins (764.2 km) Route: а/д Amur/М58)?
  • How to get from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok (9 hours 31 minutes (740 km) via A- 370 Without traffic jams: 8 hours 16 minutes)?
  • How to get from Khabarovsk to the port of Vanino (7 hours 56 minutes (547.3 km) Route: P454 and Khabarovsk - Vanino) li>
  • How to get from Khabarovsk to Sovetskaya Gavan (8 h 25 min. (572.5 km) Route: P454 and Khabarovsk-Vanino)? * Data based on the Google Maps service