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Car hire in Krasnoyarsk

Car rental in Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk – A large Russian city with a population exceeding 1 million people and a steady annual flow of guests from other regions of the Russian Federation and even countries. It is rightly called the educational center of Eastern and Central Siberia, the administrative center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Such large-scale industries as industry and trade, culture and science are actively developing here. Krasnoyarsk guests are often tourists, participants in conferences and other cultural events, entrepreneurs. Many of them want to have a lot during their stay in Krasnoyarsk, including rest. Do not want to waste time traveling on public transport? Exit – rent a car in Krasnoyarsk at Avis for the period that you need. Avis has been successfully engaged in many years that it offers individuals and companies a car rental service in Krasnoyarsk and other Russian cities.

The main advantages of cooperation with Avis:

  • the presence of a large car fleet that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer (SUVs, economy class, compact class, business class, executive class, minibuses)
  • strict control technical condition of transport, prompt elimination of breakdowns (if any) and moments that somehow can cause a sense of discomfort and all the more danger on the road
  • we offer car hire in Krasnoyarsk on favorable terms and with minimal temporal (it is enough to have an identity document and a driver's license – if the car is rented without a driver);
  • the car can be rented either on the day of the appeal or on the day of the application as a result of booking by phone, email or website using a special form.

Some technical points to be aware of!

  Every Avis customer clearly understands that car rental – this is a simple and intuitive event. But there are several things to consider:
  • Unfortunately, we can not give an auto rental in Krasnoyarsk if you – less than 21 years (for cars of the EH group, the age limit is 23 years, and for cars of the group G – 25 years);
  • the price of car rental in Krasnoyarsk directly depends on the terms of the contract, its validity and class of auto (remember, the longer the lease term, the cheaper the daily operation of the vehicle will be);
  • renting a car both without a driver and with a driver means insurance and 24-hour assistance provided in telephone mode (our dispatchers work 24 hours a day, because you never have remain without professional support);
  • if you rent a car in Krasnoyarsk – service for which you are using for the first time, do not hesitate to clarify everything when making a contract (for example, on issues such as issuing a child car seat, installing a GPS-navigator, equipping the driver with up-to-date road maps and atlases). < strong> Important advantages:
    • The car can be obtained regardless of the place of registration, there is no need to be registered in Krasnoyarsk. Convenient for city visitors;
    • Convenience of getting and returning a car. Office in the parking area of Terminal No. 2.
    • We provide reporting documents where VAT is allocated;