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Rent a car in Moscow

Rent a car in Moscow

Each person aspires to make the most efficient use of his time in order to have time to execute all the workers and other necessary things quickly and to have a good rest in the hours that have freed up. Being in a large megalopolis, people are faced with the problem of significant time costs for moving across the huge city area. It is easy to deal with it with your own vehicle. In Moscow, this issue is particularly relevant. If, for any reason, you do not have your own car, you can rent a car at Avis » ;.

What benefits does the client receive by contacting us?

  • We offer an excellent selection of cars of famous brands that are popular among drivers of different countries. At us you can order cars, both with a manual gearbox and automatic gearbox.
  • We offer cars in a variety of price categories. This is an auto economy, compact, business and executive class, as well as SUVs and minibuses.
  • You can book a car rental in Moscow by phone or e-mail and order its delivery to a convenient place within the city.
  • We can rent a GPS navigator with a map of the capital, which will allow you to navigate it optimally. Also at the rental office you can get a free atlas and road map of the city.
  • We offer special car seats for children

If you are interested in respectable prestigious cars

If you are interested in respectable prestigious cars , we can rent a car from the Avis Prestige Group G in Russia, where luxury cars from world famous manufacturers are presented. On such a car you can meet guests from other cities and countries, showing them, therefore, honor and respect, while emphasizing your worthy status. Renting cars in Moscow from this group is in great demand, since the capital has always been and is the focus of the highest-level events in various areas of human activity – business, political, cultural, scientific and many others. Therefore, international forums, conferences, festivals and other similar meetings are often held here. To meet the high guests arriving at them, they take just such a car rental.

Replacement car

Everyone can rent a car without a driver for any period, if their own transport is under repair, or its owner is temporarily left without a personal vehicle due to other circumstances. The minimum rental time in this case is 24 hours.

Able to save money

If you are interested in renting a car inexpensively or even cheaply and without a driver, then you can choose the option that suits you for the price. In this case, the technical condition of the car will meet the highest requirements. The cars of our fleet are in perfect condition and are always ready for use. Rent a car without a driver in Moscow – demanded service, which is used by an increasing number of people. Turning to the company « Avis » ;, you can rent a car quickly and easily, without unnecessary delay. Friendly service and professional approach of our employees are appreciated by all who apply to us. We work to ensure that car rental for the customer is as convenient and profitable as possible.