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Rent a car in Novosibirsk

Car rental in Novosibirsk

About the service of car rental

For residents and guests of Novosibirsk, Avis offers rental cars on attractive terms. You can rent a car directly in the arrival hall at the airport, which is very convenient for arriving citizens. For many, the essential issue in car rental is its price. Cheap car rental – that's what most customers care about most. In our company you can rent a car inexpensively by choosing it from the catalog. For extreme trips outside of Novosibirsk, as well as for those who like to feel like a master of the road, we offer powerful off-road vehicles. They conquer with their high driving qualities, impeccable handling, great spaciousness and prestigious status.

Prestigious cars

Separately it is necessary to tell about cars of a representation class. These luxury respectable cars are rented for wedding corteges, meetings of eminent guests, and other significant events. In our fleet you can rent such a car, choosing it from a number of first-class prestigious brands.

Coverage and options

All mandatory taxes and insurance are included in the rental of cars. In case of failure, we provide a replacement car of a similar class. You can count on our help at any time by contacting us by phone. The kilometers taken from us in car hire are unlimited, which makes you feel completely free in your travels.