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Attractions of Samara

Samara – the largest transport, cultural, industrial, economic, scientific and educational center of Russia. They come here both with business visits and with tourist purposes. The city is famous for its unusual architectural structures and ensembles. Among them you can distinguish the buildings of four types - the Ancient City, the Uyezd City, the Provincial City and the Earth Wall. In Samara, there are many famous squares created in different historical epochs. One of the largest in Europe – the Kuibyshev area with beautiful flower beds and green plantings of different kinds. The guests of the city also visit the Glory Square with many interesting buildings, Kirov Square, Vasily Chapaev, the Revolution and others. The beautiful Iversky monastery of Samara will not leave anyone indifferent. Fans of painting will appreciate the rich collection of works of the art museum. Fans of the foam drink will be able to taste the famous "Zhigulevskoe beer" produced at the Samara plant.

About renting a car in Samara

The vast territory of the city with more than a million population is most convenient to travel by car. Then you will not depend on the timetable for the movement of public transport and its congestion. Rent a car in Samara is ready for you in our company. This world-famous service is now available here. It can be used by city guests by renting a car at the airport. On the vehicle, which has been received in own use, visitors have time to go round the institutions they need and do all the planned things. After the works of the righteous, you can enjoy a walk along the beautiful embankment of the Volga River, which is the main symbol of the city, and, by the way, the longest in Russia. Rent a car without a driver is also in demand by local residents. The car will help you out in case your car is out of order, and you plan to travel by car. Our company offers attractive conditions for its customers, including bonuses, benefits and discounts. Car rental in Samara is becoming more common due to the growth of professional activity of the population, modern requirements for greater mobility, well-being and quality of life of people. We provide car rental for the period you need – from one day to a month. In this case, all machines are insured, provided with 24-hour service, mileage is not limited, and in the event of an auto failure, its adequate replacement is provided.

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